To start the new academic year refreshed and full of energy!

We invite you to join us in the summer of 2021. We offer you personal coaching, a nice team of fellow students, and even an acknowledged wine course. Our goal is to let you start the new educational year in September fully refreshed and in good spirit.

Contact projectmanager Esther Schoenmaker: T 06 1113 6562.
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Come to our vineyards to enjoy the company of other students, to reset for the newacedemic year and regain new energy!

• You are a student on a University or College
• You are tired of Covid
• In a few months you have to accelerate full speed ahead and you’re thinking: am I ready or not?
• You’re eager to set new focus, new goals and get rid of the past.
• You understand that a personal coach can be helpful.
• Not being able to go home for the holidays is a serious worry to you, so working in a vineyard may be the best alternative to it.

• You are available for 12 days in the period 22 of June until 31 of August to assist on the largest organic vineyard of the Netherlands on a tuesday and/or thursday. You can start at any moment and choose your own helping days;
• You’ll be helping in a group of max. 15 fellow students, supervised by a professional
• We offer you personal or group sessions with a professional coach, to reflect and look forward
• You will be expected to write a personal reflection paper. In this way you will be real owner of the reset button we offer you
• We will also offer you an acknowledged wine course with an official exam included
• Free drinks, you will have to bring your own lunch
• We will conclude with a certificate of participation. You will receive your own vine, an invitation for the harvest party in autumn and a bottle of Colonjes wine

We ask a slight symbolic investment: you adopt as a ‘Vineyards friend’ a vine for €75,00. For international students out of Arnhem the Arnhem Student Point offers possibities of funding. Please contact them for further information on this. You don’t want to miss the benefits of it. See it for yourself at: Of course this project costs a lot more. We are glad to have some major contributors . So do we ourselves as well. You’re welcome.

Op de Toekomst is partner of Colonjes since 2015. We accompany people who temporarily had to stop working or studying, due to mostly mental problems. Students are among them. Even before Covid many students were experiencing stress. It now is even worse. It’s urgent: time to reset! Join us.
Many clients experienced in the past years the healing effects of being
outside. It is stimulating and recovering. We combine these aspects with
focussed coaching and assistance in finding a new job or study. It is that experience, and even more the love and passion for winery and the people we may work with, that we want to offer now to students in this nearly post-Covid period. It’s time for a reset. RESET 2021!

This program has been developed with the help of our project partners: HAN University of Applied Sciences, Radboud University, Student Chaplaincy Nijmegen, Arnhem Student Point, Colonjes Organic Vineyards

We do not promote the excessive use of alcohol. And when you do drink: be responsible.